“Stranger in Black” Quest Preview


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CastleVille: “Stranger in Black” Quest Preview

Mia has a stranger visiting the Inn. Find out who it is and what he wants. Get to level 15 to unlock this quest.

 A hooded figure can be glimpsed from afar! MIA is wondering who never will be!

The critters invade the field and we should help her to get them out…

Eventually she will begin to understand who they are, but their identity will not be revealed, at least for the moment…!


QuestMiaSleuthBookMaterial_01_IconWho Dat?!

We might need to look closer to see the whole picture. But no snooping in his room.

Stranger in Black: Quest 1 of 6

House_01_IconKnock on 3 Houses to find out if anyone has heard of this stranger.
Click on Houses to tax them for more information on the stranger.
SleuthBookMaterial_01_IconHave 2 Sleuth Handbook to learn how to handle this… situation!
Ask your friends to send you this item.
StickOfButterCraftable_01_IconCraft 1 Stick of Butter to grease some palms for information.
Craft Sticks of Butter in the Kitchen.
2.000 Coins Zynga1Coins  40 Xp Xp_01
QuestMiaFingerprintDusterCraftable_01_IconLook Closer

So here are all the clues: A tall hooded stranger with a manservant and a swatch of ragged black cloth. Let’s put them together!

Stranger in Black: Quest 2 of 6

Grass_01_IconClear 3 Grass to look for clues.
Click on Grass to clear them.
FingerprintDusterCraftable_01_IconCraft 1 Fingerprint Dusters to piece these clues together.
You can craft Fingerprint Dusters in the Workshop.
AmberMaterial_01_IconHave 3 Ambers to preserve the fingerprints in.
Gather from Logging Camps or chop trees to get this item.
2.000 Coins Zynga1Coins  40 Xp Xp_01
QuestMiaDisguiseCraftable_01_IconSpooked Critters

Those poor critters, look how scared they look! Could you help me settle them down? I am going to go solve this mystery.

Stranger in Black: Quest 3 of 6

AnimalFeedCraftable_01_IconCraft 2 Animal Treats to feed the scared animals.

Animal Treats can be crafted in the Kitchen.
Chicken_01_IconFeed 6 Animals to calm them down.
Click on Animals to feed them.
DisguiseCraftable_01_IconCraft 1 Disguises to hide behind while looking for more clues.
Craft this item in the Studio.
2.500 Coins Zynga1Coins  50 Xp Xp_01
QuestMiaBeastieRatBeastie-ly Man!

Are those beasties attacking my stranger-guest? Or brought here by him? We have to find out.

Stranger in Black: Quest 4 of 6

BeastieRatBanish 2 Beasties, they’re scaring my guests!
Click on a Beastie to banish it.
FlamingSwordCraftable_01_IconCraft 1 Flaming Sword to arm yourself against these fiends.
You can craft a Flaming Sword in the Studio
Rock_02_IconMine Rocks 3 times to make sure there are no more lurking beasties.
Click on Rocks to mine them.
2.500 Coins Zynga1Coins  50 Xp Xp_01
QuestMiaItchingPowderCraftable_01_IconSo close!

He’s short, he’s clumsy… This should be an easy task!

Stranger in Black: Quest 5 of 6

ItchingPowderCraftable_01_IconCraft 2 Itching Powders to put on the manservant’s cloak to make him reveal himself.
Craft Itching Powder in the Studio.
RainbowFeatherMaterial_01_IconHave 5 Rainbow Feathers to tickle the stranger a little, for some information.
Tend Peacocks to receive Rainbow Feathers.
EggsMaterial_01_IconCollect 10 Eggs to restock the pantry.
Tend Chickens to collect eggs.
3.250 Coins Zynga1Coins  65 Xp Xp_01
QuestMiaHazelPerfumeCraftable_01_IconTruth Uncovered

I have a strong suspicion about the identity of our mystery guest. Will you help me lure him out?

Stranger in Black: Quest 6 of 6

HazelPerfumeCraftable_01_IconCraft 2 Hazel’s Perfumes to lure out who I think is in there.
Craft Hazel’s Perfume in the Studio.
BubblyGrogCraftable_01_IconCraft 3 Bubbly Grogs to stock the Inn, the mysterious stranger sure drank a lot!
Craft Bubbly Grog in the Kitchen.
IronBarCraftable_01_IconCraft 2 Iron Bars to arm yourself. In case the hooded stranger refuses to come quietly.
Craft iron Bars in the Workshop.
Complete_Icon1 Armor Costume
3.250 Coins Zynga1Coins  65 Xp Xp_01

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