“Meet the Mother”Quest Preview


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Castleville : “Meet the Mother”Quest Preview

Meeting the boyfriend’s mother can go horribly wrong. Discover why, with Hazel. Reach level 15 to unlock this quest.

As we know Faugrimm’s  mom is a type  not really affable and Hazel is a real problem to meet her ….

Our friend will do anything to please her, Rafael will give many valuable tips but …. not everything will go in the right way …


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QuestHazelFlowerRed_01_IconMeet the Parent

It’s all about preparing to meet the infamous Mamagrimm. These gifts might make the meeting more… amiable.

Meet the Mother: Quest 1 of 9 

 FlowerRed_01_IconPrenditi cura di 5 fiori lingua di drago per raccoglierli per la mamma di Fauggy.
Clicca sui fiori per prenderti cura di essi.
 GrapesMaterial_01_IconHarvest 4 Grapes for her to take along with the flowers.
Plant Grape seeds from the market on farm plots to harvest them.
 Zynga1CoinsHave 35000 coins to help with the meeting, the sound of coins calms me down.
Tax houses and Royal Buildings in your Kingdom to earn coins.
 Zynga1Coins2.000 CoinsXp_0140 XP
QuestHazelValerianTeaMaterial_01_IconCalm those Nerves

Did he just say his mum is a BEAST? Now I am sweating in this dress of mine!

Meet the Mother: Quest 2 of 9 

troncoChop Wood 2 times, to stock up Fauggy’s house.
Click on trees to collect wood.
FishFiletCraftable_01_IconCraft 2 Fish Fillet for Fauggy’s mum.
You can craft Fish Fillet in the Kitchen.
ValerianTeaMaterial_01_IconHave 4 Valerian Teas for me to sip on, I’m beginning to lose it!
Ask your friends to send you this item.

 Zynga1Coins2.000 CoinsXp_0140 XP
QuestHazelChickenMaterial_01_IconBad First Meeting

I have to do something, anything to get her to like me.

Meet the Mother: Quest 3 of 9

GildedLadleCraftable_01_IconCraft 1 Gilded Ladle to give his mum.
Craft this in the Workshop.
IronPotCraftable_01_IconCollect 3 Iron Pots to cook a stew for Mamagrimm.
Ask your friends to send you this item.
ChickenMaterial_01_IconCollect 6 chunks of Chicken Meat to put in the stew.
Feed Chickens to get Chicken Meats.
 Zynga1Coins2.000 CoinsXp_0140 XP
QuestHazelMiniWhipCraftable_01_IconMommy Issues

Fauggy is working so hard to make his mother like me! I think I’m going to do something nice for him.

Meet the Mother: Quest 4 of 9

Topiary_01_IconBuy 2 Topiaries to liven up his house – Fauggy’s place is… sad.
You can find Topiaries under the Decorations tab in the Market.
PumpkinMaterial_01_IconHarvest 4 Pumpkins. Fauggy’s Mama might like some Pumpkin Juice.
Plant Pumpkin seeds from the Market.
MiniWhipCraftable_01_IconCraft 2 Miniature Whip to add to Fauggy’s collection of… items!

You can craft a Miniature Whip in the Studio.
Zynga1Coins2.500 CoinsXp_0150 XP
QuestHazelSugarTiramisuCraftable_01_IconSweet Deal

Alright, one Tiramisu fried in Sugar, coming up!

Meet the Mother: Quest 5 of 9 

WaterPail_01_IconCollect 4 Pails of Water for the Tiramisu mix.
Click on Fishing Ponds to collect Pails of Water.
SugarTiramisuCraftable_01_IconCraft 2 Tiramisu in Sugar as a sweet treat for Mamagrimm.
Craft a Tiramisu in Sugar in the Kitchen.
Hedge_01_Right_IconPlace 4 Hedges in your Kingdom. Mamagrimm must not see the grime!
Hedges can be purchased under the Decorations tab of the Market.
Zynga1Coins2.500 CoinsXp_0150 XP
QuestHazelParchmentCraftable_01_IconNo Deal

Rafael DOES seem to have all the solutions. Let’s see what he has up his sleeve.

Meet the Mother: Quest 6 of 9

ParchmentCraftable_01_IconCraft 4 rolls of Parchment to write down all of Rafael’s advice!
Craft Parchments in the Studio.
DisappearanceDustMaterial_01_IconHave 4 Disappearance Dust to teleport to Faugrimm’s Realm.
Ask your friends to send you this item
Rock_01_IconMine rocks 6 times. Mamagrimm likes a hard worker.
Click on Rocks to mine them.
 Zynga1Coins2.500 CoinsXp_0150 XP
QuestHazelWorryBeadsCraftable_01_IconAdvice Run

Fauggy hasn’t taken too well to Rafael’s advice. I am getting more nervous by the minute!

Meet the Mother: Quest 7 of 9 

House_01_IconVisit 6 houses to ask around for advice.
Click on houses to tax them.
TreeDead_02_IconClear 2 Dead Trees from around your Kingdom. Cleanliness is everything.
Click on Dead Trees to clear them.
WorryBeadsCraftable_01_IconCraft 1 string of Worry Beads to keep me focused. What’s happening?!
Craft Worry Beads in the Studio.
 Zynga1Coins3.250 CoinsXp_0165 XP
QuestHazelWoodenSpoonCraftable_01_IconMen and their ways

Faugrimm has officially crossed the line here. How dare he?!

Meet the Mother: Quest 8 of 9

TreeOak_01_IconChop Trees 2 times for wood. Fauggy needs to be punished.
Click on Trees to chop them.
WoodenSpoonCraftable_01_IconCraft 2 Wooden Spoons. All the better to spank him with!
Craft Wooden Spoons in the Workshop.
CornMaterial_01_IconHarvest 5 Corn for Faugrimm – it’s the only meal he’ll get for a while!
Plant corn seeds from the market.
Zynga1Coins3.250 CoinsXp_0165 XP
QuestHazelTravelBagsCraftable_01_IconCast Out

Fauggy had this coming. The nerve of him! Oh, but he’s not going quietly. He’s sending Beasties after us!

Meet the Mother: Quest 9 of 9

BeastieRatWhy, I never… BANISH THOSE GLOOM RATS.
Click on the Gloom Rats to banish them.
BeastieWolfBanish the Gloom Wolf. This farce has to stop.
Click on the Gloom Wolf to banish him.
TravelBagsCraftable_01_IconCraft 2 Travel Bag for Faugrimm to pack his things in.
Craft Travel Bags in the Workshop.
TavernOfLost_01_Icon1 x Tavern of Lost
Zynga1Coins3.250 CoinsXp_0165 XP

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