“Discover the Easter Treasure Hunt Party”


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CastleVille: “Discover the Easter Treasure Hunt Party” 

Easter is coming and also in CastleVille could not miss some missions about this Day…

We have to prepare our Easter Treasure Hunt Party and than we will receive  some great rewards!

“Get treats from Easter Bunnies that appear when you feed your animals! Click on Easter Bunnies and collect awesome Easter Eggs! Click on your Easter Treasure Hunt Starter to collect your rewards!

Find Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets when the Treasure Hunt ends. More visitors earn you better rewards!”


  • Easter Treasure Hunt Starter: A Basket of Eggs that will start an Easter Treasure Hunt
Easter Treasure Hunt Starter Materials Needed Production in/ Quest
TreasureHuntStarter_01_Icon JellyBeansMaterial_01x5 EggsMaterial_01_Iconx3 RedFeatherMaterial_01_Iconx3 WoodPlanksCraftable_01_Iconx2 PartyShop_01_IconQuestGelsey


Awards Party for the termination of the visit:

-Less than 10 guests:

RubyEggCraftable_01x4 CornflowerEggCraftable_01x4 EasterBasketSmall_01x1
Plain Easter Basket Rewards
EasterBasketSmall_01 BrassNuggetMaterial_01_Iconx1 SilverOreMaterial_01_Iconx1 Xp_01x4 Axp_01x2 Axp_01x2 Axp_01x2 Axp_01x2

-Less than 20 guests:

RubyEggCraftable_01x8 CornflowerEggCraftable_01x8 50%PaisleyEggCraftable_01x1 EasterBasketMed_01x1
Special Easter Basket Rewards



-20 guests:

RubyEggCraftable_01x12 CornflowerEggCraftable_01x12 PaisleyEggCraftable_01x1 EasterBasketLarge_01x1
Awesome Easter Basket Rewards


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